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Demoralised in job

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shedgirl Tue 17-Oct-17 07:23:33

A bit of background .....I've worked as a teaching assistant for 13 years, returning to work after raising 5 kids. I have studied levels 2 and 3, completed an Early Years Degree, and currently HLTA. However I am still paid at level 2 which is unacceptable now. This seems to be an issue in my school, as when I talk to other TAs on courses they seem to get paid more.
Therefore I am considering my options at age 48....there is no guarantee that I will be paid HLTA if I qualify so I am currently looking for an extra job in the evenings and weekends. No luck as yet. If I get another job then maybe it will give me a bit more insight into whether I really want to quit my current position and try something new, or just switch to a new school.
I have worked incredibly hard in my role and am well respected but feel like I am given a lot of extra responsibility for no extra pay. I have discussed this with my head teacher (and the union) so I suppose that is why she has supported me in the HLTA training.
Feeling health hasn't been great over the last few years.
I have 2 sons hoping to go to uni next year and would like to be able to help them out with living expenses as I did for my 2 girls. My husband has a good job and we need to sit down and talk money, but we have a large family.
Can anyone out there give me an idea of salary in a supermarket? I am beginning to feel that I would have less stress, no homework and more money doing this especially if I work weekends or even nights?
Thanks x

Cantstanddisney Tue 17-Oct-17 07:28:24

Have a look at other schools first! I used to work in a school and TA was a grade 4 job there and HLTA was a grade 6!! And HLTA’s didn’t necessarily have to have a qualification if you had plenty of experience...

BeyondThePage Tue 17-Oct-17 07:38:10

Entry level salary is usually minimum wage £7.50 ph. Some shops stay there, some will pay more over time or after training. Others will have a tier system for responsibilities - so managing staff will attract an extra £1, or working in areas no one wants (pizza making!) an extra 20/50p etc. Weekends attract no extra, nights will sometimes attract an unsocial hours premium (not a lot!) for hours after 11pm and before 6.

So £7.50 - £9 ph depending on responsibility for entry level jobs - more responsibility also has the expectation that you will drop everything and pitch in when needed. So if 2 people are off sick, on your team - who cares if it is not your day, you get yourself in. More people are let go/fired in the first 2 years than in teaching/TA.

the stresses are merely different...

shedgirl Tue 17-Oct-17 16:42:26

Thanks for your replies x

chocogirl25 Tue 17-Oct-17 16:45:52


I would say look around at other schools. You could be stagnated in your current school, and could have better options and wage options elsewhere. Could you get a redundancy package from your current place? I know that's risky, but it would allow you flexibility for a career change.

Other than that, perhaps arrange a meeting with your boss and discuss the options relating to your pay.

Good luck xxx

Ewanwhosearmy Tue 17-Oct-17 16:46:57

Please don't assume that there is no stress working nights in a supermarket!!

I have 3 members of my family who do that job and their biggest complaint is new people who start expecting a nice easy time. It is very very physical for a start, and unless you are really fit, a 48 yo female is not an ideal candidate for the role.

Working nights is also known to give you health problems.

TheHobbitMum Tue 17-Oct-17 16:55:15

I work in a budget supermarket and basic pay is £8.53 rising to £10.75p/h (extra for nights & double time sundays/bank holiday). It is very physical and you earn every penny of the wages! I do love it though as the people I work with are very much friends and we have a great laugh.

Considering you are so well trained for TA I would consider having anotjer chat with the head and explain what you have here, you feel underappreciated & underpaid and would like your pay level to reflect your training or you feel you'll need to look elsewhere. Hopefully the HT will work with you to increase salary so you are happy to stay. It would be a shame to leave a job you love unless absolutely necessary. Good luck

shedgirl Sat 21-Oct-17 19:02:30

Thanks Ewan - my current role is quite physical and hard on the knees tbh, I realise nights are tricky - my brother and my son had an awful time. I'm clutching at straws really trying to find an alternative job.

Hobbit - yes I've had a frank talk with the boss - she is trying hard to keep me. Just depends what she can offer at the end of my training. I'll find out before Christmas. Not a good time in schools with budgets atm.

I'm looking out for other roles.

Thanks all x

LadyLapsang Sun 22-Oct-17 11:57:23

With a degree, why don't you look into getting into teaching, rather than TA.

hmmwhatatodo Sun 22-Oct-17 12:32:51

Have you checked for jobs in other schools? Can you do some ppa cover once you are qualified? Haven’t your wages been rising each year? Sounds a bit of a joke to be honest!

shedgirl Mon 23-Oct-17 21:15:34

Yes my wages do rise a little every year - but it's about £12k a year, £8.58 an hour. Not much really.
I'll see what I'm offered once I'm qualified and weigh it up - not sure it'll be much more money tbh. I'm doing PPA cover atm whilst I'm training - not getting paid for it though.
Anyway, I have a job interview on Friday for a Christmas temp in a supermarket - a little a extra cash and 'look-see'.
I've already decided that I don't want to be a teacher - I thought I did, but should've gone for that a few years ago.

hmmwhatatodo Tue 24-Oct-17 10:12:27

It seems like a fairly pathetic amount of money to be paid for what you are doing but is it normal for the part of the country you are in? Have you looked on your local council website for other school jobs to compare pay and hours?

shedgirl Wed 25-Oct-17 20:01:38

Yes it's the same round here in all schools - level 3 jobs are few are far between. We were warned that there may be redundancies last year - but at the rate that TA's are leaving - that won't be a problem.

hmmwhatatodo Thu 26-Oct-17 08:42:36

With your qualifications could you look at a job in a private nursery? Surely you could get paid more? Though possibly more hours. Are you full time at the moment? If you are struggling financially and the head won’t increase your pay then yes, I would be looking elsewhere.Hard when you enjoy the job but the pay you are getting is a joke.

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