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Being signed off sick from work

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pumpkinsss Thu 12-Oct-17 06:50:47

Hi everyone. First time posting on Mumsnet after many years lurking through and reading lots of great advice. I’m reaching out for your help on this one

I was made redundant in August although Im expected to work up until April to get my full redundancy package. It’s a very big office with a lot of staff being let go so as you can imagine it’s turned the place into a toxic environment filled with conspiracy theories and unhappy employees

When I found out the news it came as a huge shock but I decided to tackle it with a positive mental attitude and look at all the great things that will come out of this rather than the bad

I will add at this point that I’ve been taking antidepressants consistently for two years (and on and off before that) to help balance out depression and anxiety issues. I find my meds to be a lifesaver and while I’m on them my doctor and I both agree my mood is steadier and I don’t fall in and out of bad depressive episodes

Despite still taking my meds this past month everything feels like its caught up with me is the best way I can describe it. I havent felt like this since I had my last relapse into depression 2 years ago and I can only say its been brought on by the environment Im working in. My job itself isnt hard at all, but just turning up to work and having people take the very little amount of energy I have at the moment is making me feel on the edge.

I want to use my sickness leave entitlement since I haven’t done so in the 10 years I’ve worked there despite my issues with depression. My employer has no idea about any of that stuff as I’ve always kept it outside of work. When things were bad before I’d have sick days here and there and cover it up with other excuses. I don’t want to do that right now. I want to go and speak to my doctor and be signed off work but I don’t know how to approach the conversation.

Can anyone please offer advice as to how the conversation with my GP should go? Should I let him know my expectations from the get go i.e I would like time off work? I know I can take 7 days off work without needing a fit note, but quite honestly the way I feel about work right now I would like an extended period off and to take full advantage off my entitled sick leave before the end of my contract next year.

Thank you in advance for any advice and for reading.

flowery Thu 12-Oct-17 13:41:58

I think you need to adjust your mindset from thinking there’s such a thing as an entitlement to sickness leave for you to use. It sounds like your employer has in place an occupational sick pay scheme whereby if you are off sick, you will be paid for a certain period of time.

It’s not an entitlement to a certain amount of leave that you can take because you haven’t taken it before.

Go and see your GP and tell him/her honestly about how you are feeling. If you start talking to your doctor about an entitlement to a certain amount of sickness leave which you want to use, they might be less than sympathetic.

Talk about how you are feeling and your symptoms, and describe your work situation including your role and the working environment. If he or she thinks you are not fit for work at all, he/she will sign you off for a period of time they think is appropriate for your condition.

You are in danger of sounding like you’re not happy at work at the moment and want to not have to go in, therefore are planning to use ‘sickness leave entitlement’ to avoid it. I’m sure that isn’t an accurate reflection of your medical condition, but that is what’s coming across, and I wouldn’t want that to come across to a GP and undermine any genuine medical needs you might have.

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