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New job - feeling left out

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Lauraadele18 Tue 10-Oct-17 19:20:54

Hi ladies,
Ive started a new job in the same company but my new team that i am sat wih dont talk much.....and when they do they dont really talk to me. They are all older than me by around 20 years+ although there is a loud young girl who sits behind our team and she gets them talking - but however hard i try and include myself theu dont seem interested. Going back to just my team, i do a slightly different job to them, so i cant even spark up a conversation by asking for their help or opinion. Im also not very good at making conversation, im very muh an introvert so starting conversation is something im not good at. I try to make a coulple of conversations a day but they are short lived. The team are a heads down team and quite studious and when they do talk 75% of the time its about work - whereby i cant join in. However....there is a lady who sits next to me and i tried making conversation with her monday asking her did you have a nice weekend she said yes did you and that was it. When another team member asked her she started telling him about picking up a pottery item she made and they had a laugh and a joke...why didnt she tell me? Im not sure what to do because i hate feeling left out and lonely. Im considering looking for a new job because its getting to me that much. I thought maybe its me giving off a cold vibe, but my old team visit me to ask questions or to say hello and i have a great happy positive convo with them, surely my team would see this and want me to be part of their convos ? I have only been in the job 3 weeks but they have not really asked me anything about myself during this time unless i have pushed them to ask. Any help or thoughts is much appreciated.

daisychain01 Tue 10-Oct-17 20:27:30

I would focus mainly on doing your job, getting your feet under the table and not get into social chats during the day at the moment. You’re only 3 weeks into the role, it’s far too early to be anything other than polite, friendly and hard working.

Do you have sufficient out of office social life or hobbies? Channel your energy into those activities when you aren’t at work so you don’t have an expectation that work colleagues need to engage on anything other than work related matters.

Phoebeandme Sun 15-Oct-17 08:46:54

It took me a year and 2 horrid members of staff to leave before everyone relaxed enough to talk. Don’t worry about making friends, just be polite, helpful and do your job to your best ability. As it’s only 3 was they may not want to invest time getting to know you as you may not even hang around.

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