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Fixed term contracts - is redundancy relevant?

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PurpleToeNails Mon 09-Oct-17 20:16:41

In my experience there are different approaches to this, so wondering if anyone can advise what should happen. (I've tried checking on ACAS, but it's still not clear to me.)

I've now been advised that fixed term contract and extension will end soon, and no further extension (less than 2 years with employer). Naturally I'm job-hunting, but if I don't secure a new post in the timescale is there any recourse to redundancy procedures?
FWIW I've been told my role is obsolete but they're trying to secure funding for a role which incorporates all of my current role.

flowery Mon 09-Oct-17 20:24:27

Yes and no. If a FTC comes to an end and the post is “obsolete” redundancy pay would normally apply, but as you’ve been there less than 2 years redundancy pay isn’t applicable anyway.

PurpleToeNails Mon 09-Oct-17 20:56:01

Thanks Flowery, and if the proposed new post incorporates my existing post?

flowery Mon 09-Oct-17 21:31:22

Well you'd still have a job then anyway wouldn't you? So again redundancy not relevant.

Or am I missing something?

BubblesBuddy Mon 09-Oct-17 21:36:31

Can you apply for the new job? Your contract is ending and they are rehiring. Go for it!

PurpleToeNails Tue 10-Oct-17 03:29:12

Thanks again Flowery, and thanks Bubbles too. There is more to it, but I don't want to share on a public forum.

HashtagTired Thu 12-Oct-17 02:57:15

FTCs aren’t that straight forward and can only really be used in situations whereby the role is temporary. Terminating FtCs is still a dismissal and normal dismissals procedures will apply. So in your case they secured funding which comes to an end so terminating the FTC as planned is legitimate. If the finding is extended, technically you could claim that your role has been extended too and that you have dibs on that job. It’s a bit more grey if the job is being shared though.

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