Dealing with a weak boss

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Candlelight234 Sun 08-Oct-17 18:59:57

How do you deal with a weak boss? Someone who backs down and opts out of difficult decision making? Someone who is easily influenced and utterly unable to follow through in actions?
Literally cannot handle this anymore.

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flowery Sun 08-Oct-17 19:49:23

Look for another job. This isn't something you are going to be able to improve.

FairyAnn Sun 08-Oct-17 19:54:57

Two choices; new job or get promoted. Weak bosses never change I'm afraid. I waited three years before figuring that out and making my escape.

Candlelight234 Sun 08-Oct-17 21:06:55

Thanks, sadly I also think I need to leave. It's getting worse the longer time goes on.

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Tottyandmarchpane1 Sun 08-Oct-17 22:18:49

Ugh this is me. I only continue because it is flexible and suitable my lifestyle.
My boss is weak, shys away from sorting out any issues and never sticks his head above the parapet. Dreadful and utterly demotivating.

Candlelight234 Mon 09-Oct-17 07:00:30

I get you Totti. For me, I feel like they don't have my back when I make a difficult decision, they take the easy option at the first sign of challenge and back down. Urgh.

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Tottyandmarchpane1 Mon 09-Oct-17 07:46:47

Yep absolutely the same. His way to shut me and the rest of the team down if we continue to raise issues that only he can deal with is to tell us to stop being negative. Thoroughly depressing. But I remind myself at least I am being paid, it isn’t my company and try not to care. Last for about 10 mins!

Candlelight234 Mon 09-Oct-17 08:14:59

Going to update my CV and start job hunting, it's becoming intolerable, and very depressing. I can't see it improving tbh.

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