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Asked to come in to head office in my own time

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SpottydogDomino Sat 07-Oct-17 19:40:37

My work supplied phone keeps going wrong and my work cannot track my whereabouts (start/finish times are done via the mobile phone app). I am a carer so am on basic min wage.
I work eves/weekends so when it goes wrong I am asked to come in to HQ in my own time to get it reset (without being paid for time or mileage).
I am getting a bit fed up with the assumption that my time and petrol is assumed to be free. What do others think?

nellyboo2 Sat 07-Oct-17 19:41:32

I’d definitely request the mileage at the least.

SpottydogDomino Sat 07-Oct-17 19:52:28

It is just the cheek really that if you are a carer you are a softie and can be taken advantage of because of your kind nature. My time is valuable and I need my rest times. I have just started in this new job and everyone seems so nice but it would be nice to be valued when it is their equipment that is not working properly. I can't just drop everything and go in to HQ to suit them.

pileoflaundry Sat 07-Oct-17 20:02:14

There was a test case with Sports Direct. Their staff were on minimum wage, but had to spend extra time on checks after their shifts. Once this extra time was taken into consideration, their wages were in effect less than minimum wage. The workers won their case.

This seems similar, but I am not a lawyer so could be mistaken. You are being asked to do extra work (to get the tools you need), and as you are on min wage the time needs to be paid to ensure that overall you don't drop below min wage.

But I'm not sure how best to tackle this. How much time do you use up going to HQ and back? Can you use the app to track your time on the way back from picking it up? How do you submit your times without the app, can you add your travel time and petrol into that?

nellyboo2 Sat 07-Oct-17 20:03:36

I think you’re not being unreasonable to ask for time and mileage. It’s work based. If they can’t fix the issues with the phone, then ask for a new phone?
I gave up with caring as it was all about the money and not about the care ie 15 minutes to get someone dressed, breakfast and meds etc... no time to ask how client was sad

RandomMess Sat 07-Oct-17 20:05:35

I would do a breezy "but that would be breaking the law as I'm on MW"

millifiori Sat 07-Oct-17 20:14:25

Just ask outright. Don't be embarassed or shy. Say that as htis is a work-related issue that seems to be ongoing, can they either bring a new phone out to you or pay you for mileage, as being on minimum wage the time and money you spend sorting out their problem is unreasonable.

SpottydogDomino Sun 08-Oct-17 13:40:38

All mileage is calculated via the app. Signing in and out of the call is done on the app. If I do not have "HQ visit" as one of my "appointments" on the phone it is like it never happened so I don't get paid.
I did ask for the HQ visit to be put on my phone so I would come in during the day in my own time but by appointment (therefore paid) but was breezily told - "no need to do that just come in when you can and we can look at your phone!".

I only need to go in to HQ to get more gloves or aprons and I don't need those for ages yet.

I am just a bit fuming as it is an hour round trip and mileage and I have already done it 4 times in my own time last month due to issues with my phone that they seem to have with all the phones. The phones go dolallytats if extra calls are added/removed/changed.

RandomMess Sun 08-Oct-17 13:53:39

I think you need to put it in writing to HQ the 4 unpaid trips you have done, time taken, mileage and you need to be reimbursed for both.

Request it in writing and ask for a written response by a specified date. I would also state that as you are on NMW that there expectation for you to do work related tasks unpaid is unacceptable.

Keep everything in writing and build a case to discuss with ACAS

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