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muffinlondon Mon 02-Oct-17 10:17:40

What's the best laptop bag for a long commute (including tube) and occasional overnight stays?

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muffinlondon Mon 02-Oct-17 10:17:59

Wondering if north face is worth the money..

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BiddyPop Mon 02-Oct-17 13:38:53

I have a North Face laptop backpack. It's good, if a little heavy. It does look like a mountaineer's bag rather than a professional bag - but it is only as bad as the others generally used on my commute (and a lot better than many!).

There is an in-built rechargeable power pack which has been handy on a few occasions. There is plenty of space and pockets.

I have been looking with much longing at eBags for at least 2 years - (even before I got this one, tbh) as their professional slim backback looks much better in terms of being a professional type bag. Or the professional weekender - as I do have to do a bit of international travel that it would work really well for.

But then again, I am happy with what I have got and I would be happy to use that for Scout stuff in the future even if I got the eBags one for work stuff.

BiddyPop Mon 02-Oct-17 17:50:01

I meant to add, it is a proper computer bag, with its in the back pocket to hold both an iPad (old so large) and mac laptop (only 15" but space for larger one) safely and securely. Padded pockets there.

BiddyPop Mon 02-Oct-17 17:50:23

It's = slots

muffinlondon Mon 02-Oct-17 18:14:49

Thanks! Not heard of eBags - will take a look now

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Haint Mon 02-Oct-17 18:55:28

I’ve got a knomo. Faintly stylish as well as practical but no room for my charging lead which is annoying

Shopgirl1 Tue 03-Oct-17 07:03:11

I use a knomo shoulder bag - it’s leather with lots of pockets, so fits everything, but it gets a bit heavy on one shoulder and there is no cross body strap.

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