I got the job - But I'm pregnant. Help!

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BlueButTrue Tue 19-Sep-17 13:09:23

Hi all,

I would've thought that they guessed but it wasn't mentioned by me or them so I'm not clear that they do know, if that makes sense blush

I'd be happy to start after my maternity leave. I'm only planning on taking 3 months away.

However, I'm also cautious that if they need someone, they'll want them to start ASAP.

I just don't know how to work around this, do I bring up starting after my mat leave myself or wait for them to suggest it?

Furthermore, how do I even tell my current job that I've been given something else?

My current line manager is particularly unfriendly and I'm cautious of her. Luckily enough though, I believe all NHS referencing comes from HR

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guineapig1 Tue 19-Sep-17 13:04:41

If you attended an interview at 32 weeks I imagine that they do know and assume that you will want to start after a period of maternity leave....they can't retract the offer on the grounds of your pregnancy

SnowiestMountain Tue 19-Sep-17 12:54:02

Could they not see that you were pregnant when they interviewed you? I think you'll have to tell them ASAP as realistically you're only going to be able to work there for a few weeks. Is it something that could go on hold and you start after maternity leave somehow?

How much maternity leave do you plan to take?

thatstoast Tue 19-Sep-17 12:51:04

How do they not know when you interviewed at 32 weeks?

I'd usually say not to say anything but I think, as you're close to maternity leave, you need to speak to them and arrange a start date that works around you both.

BlueButTrue Tue 19-Sep-17 12:44:20

I'm 32 weeks blush

I've been on sick leave and was offered an interview a little while ago which I accepted quite a bit in advanced. I went to the interview on Friday (whilst on sick, technically), and got a call yesterday evening to say I'd got the job!

This is fantastic news for me as it's local and I'm currently travelling over 2 hours a day to get to my current job. It's incredibly strenuous and isn't helping my SPD/sickness. The journey is a killer.

However, this makes things difficult for me now as I've accepted but they still don't know I'm pregnant.

When I accepted over the phone, I was told someone from HR (I think), would be in touch to arrange details and finalise things.. I was planning on telling them then but maybe it's best to wait until I sign something in writing before mentioning I'm pregnant?

What do I do now? Where do I even go from here? Do I just hand in my notice? If so, how so? Via letter or email? Do I tell my old job I have a new job?

This new job will be under the same employer (NHS), so I've been advised that my Maternity package won't change.

My notice period is 4 weeks, which they were aware of at interview, but obviously this gives me less time to actually work at new job before baby makes an appearance.

I really want to make this work. It's a fantastic opportunity for me and will even help my health. Even childcare arrangements will be easier with these new hours in my new role.

What do I do?

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