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Applying for jobs at two levels at the same time

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katymac Fri 01-Sep-17 21:41:44

Is it less advisable to apply for two jobs at different levels in the same office

eg Project Management Officer & Project Management Assistant

I'm probably qualified for the higher but have little experience so might be better suited to the lower one......

Rinkydinkypink Fri 01-Sep-17 21:42:28

Apply for both!

SwedishEdith Fri 01-Sep-17 21:44:40

Go for both. Happens all the time. Good luck.

PuffinNose Fri 01-Sep-17 21:46:18

Go for both!
Adjust the applications appropriately though.
Good luck. smile

katymac Fri 01-Sep-17 21:53:58

OK here goes - fingers crossed!

katymac Fri 15-Sep-17 16:31:16

I got interviews for both

I have to log on & book an interview - so whcih one first?

and why are they the week I am moving house

PuffinNose Fri 15-Sep-17 16:52:30

Yay! Do the one you really want last. The interview for the first one might give you some pointers.
Good luck!

katymac Fri 15-Sep-17 17:40:33

I wouldn't mind either tbh

I have booked the first one avail for each job (so it turns out it's the other way round)

I have found the job descriptions & I have 10 days to prep!

katymac Mon 25-Sep-17 12:47:24

They have interviewed me for both this morning

No idea how I did

CandyMelts Tue 26-Sep-17 10:36:03

Fingers crossed! Let us know how you get on

katymac Mon 09-Oct-17 18:34:56

They completely disregarded me for the lower job & I didn;t get the higher job but only because the candidates they offered the jobs to had more specific technical skills - they would like me to apply again if they advertise & suggested I should be looking at the higher grade for my next application

yaela123 Mon 09-Oct-17 20:10:04

Not quite what you were hoping for, but sounds like not too bad so well done!

katymac Mon 09-Oct-17 20:44:23

I wasn't even sure i was good enough for the lower job; so when they invited me into the office for feedback I jumped at it!

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