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1989shorn Thu 24-Aug-17 19:37:48

Hi guys!
I work Monday to Friday with weekends and bank holidays off. (Bank hols taken out holiday allowance)
I went off sick from work on Monday, it's now Thursday and I still don't feel good enough to go back, however it's a bank holiday Monday coming up, would this class as an 8th day and require a sick note or because it's taken out of holiday allowance wouldn't class?

Many thanks

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DerbyshireDad17 Fri 25-Aug-17 20:28:52

99% of the time sickness supersedes any annual leave, however, bank holidays aren't usually classed as annual leave. ie, contracts will usually state X days holiday plus 8 BH etc with time worked on BH to be paid back in lieu

Unfortunately the answer will lay in the Ts and Cs of your contract, and/or the company sickness/absence policy.

This will determine if weekends and BH are classed as 'working days'. So if you have a seven day contract for instance, but your current shift pattern happens to be Monday to Friday, then a week off sick would still be 7 days, as they are full working days missed.

If your contract is as above, then yes you will have been sick for 8 days.

hope that helps, and hope you recover soon.

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