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ShastaBeast Thu 03-Aug-17 23:25:51

I went back to work last year as an accounts assistant, part time. It's a small firm so I've been able to step up and take on responsibilities. I started ACCA study but am struggling with motivation, I've learnt a lot while working so it shouldn't be too difficult to get the first few exams done with some home study.

I've now been offered support to train, financial but I'm not sure what else. Has anyone got any insight as to what to ask for in terms of the training type/providers/ etc management support and time needed? We can stretch to more childcare if I need to attend classes but I don't know what is a reasonable training package to ask for.

I've been extremely lucky finding this role and getting this opportunity so don't want to mess up. My last career never really "took off" before having kids despite a good degree etc. Any motivation tips also welcome!

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VisitorFromAlphaStation Fri 04-Aug-17 04:52:27

There comes up some useful links when searching for "acca training online" or if you search for "kaplan acca online course". You might want to choose online classes rather than attending a physical class at night (if there are any nowadays). Ask if you could use an hour or two during paid business hours for your studying and if you could then watch the online classes during that time. On the practical side, it might be useful to come into the office one hour early and study for one hour in the morning, every day, in my experience.

ShastaBeast Sat 05-Aug-17 01:39:36

I don't want to do it online. I've just not got the motivation or discipline added to the fact I have nowhere to study at home. It was so much easier when the kids were small, they've taken over the flat now, although this may change soon. I already arrive early at work I don't fancy catching a 6am train, I'm a night owl naturally. But I do have time to attend courses as I'm part time. I've also studied in the library so can do more of that. I have health issues which make hard chairs a problem unfortunately. My manager recognised these issues which is why there is an offer for support.

I've had a look online for courses in classrooms, there are plenty still running including daytime and weekends. My impression is that usually trainee accountants get tutor led courses and I want to go some way to replicating a proper training scheme. I was surprised how short many courses are - 3 or 4 days only for a module (£600-800 each). A local college offers two evenings a week over 10 weeks which could work and is a little cheaper. The more I get from classroom time the less I need to revise so I can use my time to practice instead.

I've seen plenty of accountants on mumsnet so hoping someone will have been through a typical training scheme. I'd be interested to understand the support to expect from management too, signing off experience etc.

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Gaviota6 Mon 07-Aug-17 19:25:02

I just finished my qualification and did it all online although I have friends who did ACCA through work sponsorship with BPP who are excellent. If you are currently working in accounts that is extremely helpful. I would suggest that you start looking at the work experience tasks you do, and summarising them so that you can write up the practical experience later and get signed off as you go.

OpenTuition which is free also has a very useful website for the more introductory modules.

ceeveebee Mon 07-Aug-17 19:39:00

I did AAT many years ago in a small accountancy firm and did one afternoon and one evening at college.

I then moved jobs to a larger firm (still in practice) and did ACCA. They would send me to college for one or two week blocks. I had to do some Saturday mornings as well. Then they gave me time off during exam week as well

Now I am working Inhouse and our CIMA trainees go to evening classes and then get given a week leave or so per exam sitting

Hope that helps!

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