Do I bring this up with HR or ignore?

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2ndSopranos Mon 31-Jul-17 11:00:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Bluebellevergreen Mon 31-Jul-17 11:03:44

Is this so awful really? It seems that you are bothered that they don't trust your judgement and not being very professional yourself to be frank
You made a decision, it was all fair and square, why go into this drama? Just go with the candidate that scored higher

GahBuggerit Mon 31-Jul-17 11:06:23

No your gut is right.

What exactly do you think HR should do in this situation? That sounds snippier than I mean it to be, but genuinely, what do you think HR should do about two members of staff having a very very low level gripe about something that their Manager should deal with by saying "we carried out a fair process and selected the best candidates as far as we are concerned, so while I understand its always a bit of the unknown when having new colleagues join Im sure they will fit in fine"?

2ndSopranos Mon 31-Jul-17 11:14:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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GahBuggerit Mon 31-Jul-17 11:20:14

Just sounds like normal low level grumbling from staff between themselves. Not great but most definitely not HR worthy.

If they go to HR they should be told that the interview process has been fairly completed and the Managers responsible have made their decisions.

Bluebellevergreen Mon 31-Jul-17 11:23:56

If they go to HR is their problem as you have done everything correctly.
Don't let their reaction cloud your achievement
You recruited good candidates in a fair manner
Ignore the comments and focus on your day

Bluebellevergreen Mon 31-Jul-17 11:24:49

Do are dare askibg if you and your manager are female?

Rainybo Mon 31-Jul-17 11:30:53

You don't work at the same place as me do you OP? grin

Some of my (large) team have a habit of stirring like this if they don't get their own way - and will approach HR to have a whinge.

This is borne out of an old way of doing things where you got so much more say if you had been there a long time, as opposed to having a position of authority.

My approach is that I am very happy to meet to discuss any concerns they have, that if they want to approach HR then they are free to do so, but this is why the decision was made ( as PPs have said, clear direct answers with a corporate rationale, don't start over justifying yourself).

It's gradually calming down. There are maybe two members of staff who like to moan that I am 'too by the rules' but that is because I don't let them go home early twice a week on a whim for 'apppointments' and speak to them directly and openly when they are shit stirring.

2ndSopranos Mon 31-Jul-17 18:39:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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