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Starfish25 Tue 25-Jul-17 21:33:43

Hello 😊
I have just been given a job as hca in the hospital as full time. I was overloaded with information about the job i can not remember what she said about the rotas. Does anyone know if they are done weekly or monthly? Or does it depend on the ward manager? Just thinking of child care at the minute. Thanks if anyone can help x

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longdays Wed 26-Jul-17 23:51:19

It's usually done monthly, but I have worked in a very disorganised dept which only gave 1 week notice of rota.
I'd ring the ward though, I'm sure they will tell you over the phone.

Starfish25 Thu 27-Jul-17 06:07:26

Thank you for replying. I hope it is done monthly. I'm waiting on my papers to be delivered if it doesn't say anything on them i will ring up. Thanks x

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chocolatespiders Thu 27-Jul-17 06:10:03

Monthly at our hospital

LonCutie Thu 27-Jul-17 16:12:42

First of all, Congrats!

In practice, the manager should be doing it at least 4 weeks in adv. But in real life, depends on how well-managed skill of that manager. My current manager is doing 6 weeks mostly but my previous was hectic 4 or less lol...I think the best practice is communication. Please feel free to ask & talk with your manager esp. letting her know about your childcare planning, how much time you need in planning etc. Don't think that they will mention on the papers & contracts, from my own ex.


Babyroobs Sat 29-Jul-17 18:44:05

Ours is done 4 weekly.

Jb291 Wed 23-Aug-17 22:33:15

Good rota practice, or at least for the ones that I manage is rota out 12 weeks in advance

SauvignonBlanche Wed 23-Aug-17 22:37:17

The hospital should have a rostering policy, our policy is 8 weeks in advance.

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