25 weeks pregnant being made redundant - smp and shared parental leave

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user1476448102 Tue 18-Jul-17 08:18:46


I would really appreciate any advice anyone can give me on being made redundant, tax free payments and shared parental leave.

I've been told I'm being made redundant at 25 weeks pregnant. They want me to work until I was due to go on mat leave - so I don't get any payment in lieu of notice, which is rubbish.

I'm getting stat maternity pay and the company enhanced mat pay, but paid in a lump sum and the smp and enhanced maternity pay will be taxed.

My husbands HR person gave us advice and I'm not sure whether it is correct or not.
She thought that my employer should be able to pay me the smp and enhanced mat pay as tax free as I won't be employed so it's not actually smp as they won't be able to claim it back from hmrc. It's the equivalent of smp and mat pay as I won't be on their books anymore. She said that it was actually a severance package.

She then said I should register for maternity allowance and then my husband would still be able to do shared parental leave with me.

I'm not sure whether this is actually true or not. If anyone can help, I'd be really grateful as now my husband will miss out on parental leave because I'm being made redundant.

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