Job-hunting and career direction - feeling a bit panicked.

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RangeTesKopeks Mon 17-Jul-17 10:32:35

Hi everyone,

Could I ask for your tips on staying motivated and focussed when applying for jobs please?

I've been out of full-time work since resigning from a job just before last Christmas, although have been involved in part-time work and volunteering since spring this year (which I'm still doing).

I would really love to be back in a full-time job though.

I've been applying for quite a few jobs recently, but have been getting more and more stressed as my current rental contract runs out at the beginning of next month, so I won't be able to stay in my current town if I don't find a job before then.

Key questions that I have:

a) Not sure which job websites to target, especially for entry-level jobs?
b) Feel like my whole career path is lacking direction. I'd love to be clearer about where I can see myself in several years' time, as I have no idea. I know this isn't really something I need to know at this stage, but it's stressing me out quite a bit.

Feeling very low and a bit stuck. Happy to give more details if needed - sorry this is so vague.

Just looking for a handhold and some practical tips please on job-hunting. It's been a bit of a nightmare sad

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ihatethecold Mon 17-Jul-17 11:12:04

I'll hold your hand. Ive been told im being made redundant this week after being with my company for 12 years, I have no idea what Im going to do next. I am interested in the replies on here.

EBearhug Mon 17-Jul-17 16:59:24

Don't worry about your whole career path - focus on what's next.
Think about your past jobs and volunteering - what is it that attracted you to those things? What have you enjoyed from doing them? What have you absolutely hated?

Thinking about all this should help you start building a job profile - indoor/outdoor, people-orientated,administration, coordination, coming up with ideas, working with numbers, writing, practical/physical work, set hours/flexible, mobile/settled location - all these things and more add to it.

Also look at the practicals, like length/cost of commute, rent/mortgage and so on - there will be limits there on what you need as an income, whether it's practical to move for work and so on.

Then you can look at the sort of jobs that will fit this profile, and you can check whether you need extra qualifications or experience - sometimes you'll need to get a job that will give you some of the experience you need to reach a longer term goal.

Then you tailor your CV and LinkedIn profile for the role you're looking for now. Which other job sites and agencies will depend on what sectors you're interested in working in.

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