Career change - what would you do?

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CountryLovingGirl Sat 15-Jul-17 21:03:37


I have pondered over changing career for a long time. I work in the NHS and our job has become ridiculously anti-family friendly and extremely tiring due to shift pattern changes. We work most weekends now and nights are very hard work (also, even though contracted for 37.5 hrs I can be rostered to work 60+ some weeks). This is not how it was when I first went into the profession in my early twenties! I hardly see my two school-aged children and they're suffering. I have lost quite a few colleagues over the last few months who have just become too exhausted to continue or, like me, are spending very little time with their families. Every time someone leaves, we are expected to work their weekends etc. as the new replacement takes absolutely ages to train (and is a lower band). I am also bored in the job and there is no scope for moving up.

Anyway, I have also had enough but I am very unsure which way I should go. I am already qualified (up to PgDip level) and have many other qualifications within my field. I earn more than DH and this has always put me off taking the plunge. However, I think that my family life and health is starting to suffer and I need out. I am mid-40's now and feel that if I don't do it now, I never will. I know I will not be able to continue in my role well into my 50's.

Neither DH or myself have parents (all RIP) so we really do struggle. We have a great childminder though (although the oldest child no longer goes). The children are getting older though and less dependant on us.

I have been offered a MSc degree (distance learning) to enter a related field (I can work in the private sector with this) or I can train to be a secondary science teacher (my least favourite of the two due to starting again and drop in salary - also the horror stories of teaching but I am sure their hours aren't as bad as ours). I can get a £10k loan to help support me for the MSc year or, with teacher training, I could get a £12k bursary. The MSc is distance learning so it would allow me to be at home for a year (I am hoping to gain a home working job in the new field). I could, also, look into a new job in my area (out of the NHS) if I had a year at home.

What would you do and has anyone ever 'taken the plunge' and come out the other end successfully?

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GoldenFleck Sun 23-Jul-17 22:14:20

You sound deeply unhappy with your current role. If you don't make changes then you may regret it in the future. I would be tempted to re-train for a career in a related field (the MSc) rather than start a new career such as teaching from scratch. Also, be sure to check what the job opportunities are like in the new career field to be confident you can likely secure a job before investing in training.

If your finances are stable enough to support a career change then you should definitely reinvent yourself. Google articles on reinventing yourself to fuel enough courage to take the leap.

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