Senior management telling junior colleagues sensitive information - surely it's not ok?

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grrshitforbrains Sat 15-Jul-17 16:15:22

Posted this in chat but might be better here:

I work in a fairly small company; 30-40 people, the structure is the owner, who is obviously in overall charge then there are two main departments, say department A and B. There is one manager in charge of all Type A staff and one manager in charge of Type B staff, under these are various informal layers.

Type B manager is obviously fairly senior, is friendly/influential with the owner (his boss) and is involved with the business decisions of our company. I work for Type A manager and would place myself in the 'middle management' category, I have three members of staff who I am responsible for on a day to day basis

The problem I have is with Type B manager and a junior Type A colleague who works under me. They have a friendly/I would say flirty relationship and I think that he's telling her information before anyone else. This happened once before with some changes that were being made, my manager (Type A manager) told me, I told junior colleague and she let slip that she'd known for a while as Type B manager had told her.

Am now pretty sure it's happened again - three members of Type B staff are being made redundant and I think she knew about this before anyone else including before the 3 people themselves were told and before Type A manager.

I was a bit annoyed with her when I found out she knew last time and hadn't told me so this time she is denying that she knew about it but am pretty sure she did.

I think it's really unprofessional and inappropriate that probably the most junior person in the office (which she is) knows this information before anyone else. Do I have any sort of grounds to complain about this? I don’t like to think that she may be told things that impact me and my manager before we are.

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daisychain01 Sat 15-Jul-17 16:38:31

Shouldn't you be more annoyed at the manager telling the junior staff member information in the first place?

Saiman Sat 15-Jul-17 18:14:53

I think you need to be annoyed at who is telling her.

How is it her fault she knows?

And why is she under any obligation to tell you a manager has told her in confidence.

Tbh you didnt complain about the first one at the time and you dont have any proof this time. You cant complain you are pretty sure She knows something.

You and the other manager need to stop putting her in the middle. Perhaps she is cosying up to him to get a better job or work for him since she knows you are pissed off.

CotswoldStrife Sat 15-Jul-17 18:24:56

From the OP

I was a bit annoyed with her when I found out she knew last time and hadn't told me

Is this the issue - that she didn't tell you and you felt out of the loop? You are assuming that she knew about the latest issues and didn't tell you again!

Take it up with Manager A if you have a problem with him telling people things before you, it's not really got anything to do with her. In fact, she sounds as if she didn't say anything inappropriate on either occasion and kept any news to herself (which is surely a good thing?).

scottishdiem Sat 15-Jul-17 23:32:55

What evidence do you have that she knew this time?

Also you do sound more vexed that she is not telling you that anything else....

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