Created cloud of doubt over own head

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Footle Sat 15-Jul-17 17:32:27

If you want it deleted, slide your post across to reveal the 'report' option, and explain to MNHQ why you want it deleted.

laura2109 Sat 15-Jul-17 10:46:53

Please delete this thread I made some mistakes while typing it on my phone.

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laura2109 Sat 15-Jul-17 10:41:04

Hiya ladies

Few weeks ago, I was looking for some file, only thing was it was in a locked cabinet. I thought to myself , I'll try to find the key and to the cabinet. So I looked around in the draws etc..and there was this small safe sitting on top of a shelf. The key to the safe were on top, I thought as the file I'm looking for is confidential, it could be that the cabinet's key is on there. So I opened the file and only found some small diy tools. Anyway, in the end a colleague offered to take care of finding that file. Fast forward to yesterday, a senior manager came to take that safe. Firstly he tried school it to hear what was in there, as I was sitting at my desk I could see the scene. So I casually said oh there's just nothing interesting in there. I stood up to help as he was now trying to open the safe with the key, he was struggling. After few seconds he finally opened it. He then said, I had given that safe to so and so (who now left) to keep some money. At that point, i didnt realise that I could look suspicious as I gave the impression I knew what was on the safe. So I just said oh ok. The money on question is in fact in a drawer, I had seen it when I was looking for the cabinet's key. As I had a clean conscience, I didn't feel threatened at all. Anyway, that manager and my self were about to go down for some other stuff. On the way, he said I'll put this (the safe) somewhere secret. Again as I had nothing to hide I just laughed, thinning he was joking.

Now I feel worried that he thinks my integrity is questionable. I'm thinking on Monday that I'll clarify how I knew what in the safe to ear the air. Any thought on this situation?

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