At risk ....... again!

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fosterdoris Thu 13-Jul-17 18:27:02

At the beginning of April I was put at risk due to cost savings. I had a few interviews within the company 2 of which resulted in job offers. I accepted the first before I'd received the second as I was getting to the end of my consultation period and tbh was just grateful to have an offer even though it was in an area of the business I knew nothing about. I really considered the second offer as it was probably more up my street but also would have involved travelling into London daily - at least an hours train commute each way, whereas the first offer was based in my existing location about 30mins drive from home.

Fast forward to now ....... really not enjoying new job :-( I do kind of wish I'd taken the second one, but I realise I made my choice and I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to let people down. However, yesterday it was announced that the company is making more drastic cuts so we are all at this so of redundancy again........

I don't feel comfortable with how the selection process is going to work - I've been in my role for 8 weeks and have mostly just been learning the dept so haven't really got any output as such that displays my talents. Plus I have never worked with any of the leadership team before so no one "knows" me iyswim. So am really worried I'll just be booted......

Should I sit it out, wait and see or actively apply for external roles - given that I don't really like it anyway?

Sorry for the long ramble - would just be nice for some impartial advice please

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