2 months into new job and struggling...

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mammasmadhouse Sun 09-Jul-17 14:21:54

Hi All, I am hoping you can offer some words of wisdom
I am 2 months into a new job, having worked previously in the HE sector. For the new job I took a lower graded job, with a £2k pay-cut. I know it will sound mad but I loved my old job, but hated the lack of management support/development and being nit picked at in meetings when I said or did something one of the directors in particular didn't like, although he was happy to leave me to run things and take the credit and in every instance where I made comment/suggested alternatives for something that I didn't feel was the right fit, I have been right. So here I am 2 months into a brand new, unique roll and I feel slightly lost I suppose and am finding it difficult to see what exactly my role is. How can I make this work better?
My line manager has said that they requested this post at a higher band but the Trust declined it as it wasn't consistent with posts across the Trust, externally there are 2 other posts in different regions which are banded higher, so there is potential for re banding, depending on the Trust.
But I am so used to being in control and knowing what to do, that I am finding it hard to feel that I am doing anything productive and that there is a real role for me to undertake here..

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Ropsleybunny Sun 09-Jul-17 14:24:46

I think you have to give a new job at least six months before you really know whether it's for you.

You changed for a reason, so my advice is it sit it out for a few more months and see then how you feel. If it's really not for you, then go for something else.

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