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Work harassing DP while on paternity leave

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ChuffCloud Thu 29-Jun-17 19:20:44

DS2 was born 11 days early on Sunday and has been in neonatal care ever since. My DP is currently on paternity leave. Before he went on this he was asked if he'd take a laptop home to work when he can as 'two weeks is a long time'. This infuriated me enough. However since this he's been asked to call the office to sort out some issues and tonight a colleague asked if he can pop in to our house to discuss work.

Seriously wtf? I am fuming. I'm in hospital an hour from home and DP is looking after our 2.5 year old. What can he do to tell his boss this is out of line? I'm tempted to ring the MD and have a hormonal rant at him at the mo.

It's a small family firm and they're very busy but that should not matter at a time like this!

cherryontopp Fri 30-Jun-17 11:25:37

I would get dp to ring them and say, my child is in hospital and I feel like I an being harassed. 2 weeks is the time I am given by law and I don't not need this at a time like this.
If he won't I woild ring them myself!

flowery Fri 30-Jun-17 19:27:28

What can he do? I assume he has said no to the colleague who wanted to pop round, said no to calling the office and has spoken to his boss and asked for him/her to ensure people leave him alone for the duration of his leave.

If he's done all that obvious stuff and people are still harassing him, I'd suggest ignore completely, don't answer phone, texts, don't look at emails, then complain when he goes back to work.

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