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user1498659403 Wed 28-Jun-17 15:50:56

I need an outside prospective on this because I just don't know where I stand and what to do. It's been going on since March this year!!
I was called into a meeting with HR and my manager as there are changes in the department. My manager is taking on a new role in projects but not sure at that point what would be involved. I was asked if I would be interested in the admin support role. At that time I loved my part time role which is very varied and filled my day and explained why would I want to move into a role I know nothing about. It turns out that the company has ceased part of its company leaving two of its employees free of some duties. The manager will take on my managers previous roll and his assistant would be sharing some of my duties!! My first question is, can they do that?
The new role for me then took a turn where they said I could continue with my existing duties and start some project duties as they come in.
Well it's got to the point now where my current duties take up my day and I have no time for project work. Can I also say that my current manager isn't very good which doesn't give me confidence and the project admin support could become boring. Can some one please help me out here as no one is on my side at work and I have so far received two with a possible third job description on its way and I feel I'm being pushed into this other role (duties).

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