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Can then just decide to reduce salary??

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tornandhurt Mon 26-Jun-17 13:45:00

Asking for a friend as I really don't know, but this just doesn't sound right to me!

She's been with the same employer for a number of years. Moved internally around 6 years ago to a different location, but with the same firm doing the same job.

Technically salary for new location was lower, but as this move wasn't requested by her, but insisted upon my management to help them out, they adjusted her salary so that the basic was reduced, but she received a monthly "supplement" (this is how it appears on payslip) so she didn't lose out financially.

New management has now said this should never have happened and are saying they're taking it away. This is a reasonable sum which she cannot afford to lose.

Surely they can't just do this?

flowery Mon 26-Jun-17 13:54:10

This kind of arrangement is often time-limited, but if when it was put in place it was definitely permanent, then no they can't just take it away. It's part of her contractual renumeration, and they are not allowed to change her terms and conditions just like that.

Obviously sometimes employers really do need to change terms and conditions. But if so, they need to consult with her, seek her consent and then provide good business reasons if they need to force it through. This is unlikely to be possible with a pay cut.

If they just stop paying it to her that would be a breach of contract and an unlawful deduction from salary.

tornandhurt Mon 26-Jun-17 14:05:24

Thank you.

Unfortunately it doesn't look as though anything was put in writing when the change was made - it was a verbal discussion and "paper exercise" to ensure her salary remained unaltered at the end of the day.

flowery Mon 26-Jun-17 14:45:11

Ok well that's fine. It means it was not at any point defined as being time-limited. As I say, these things often are, but in that case they'd need to make that clear at the time.

Her total contractual remuneration is therefore £x, comprising £y basic salary and £z supplement. As it's been in place for 6 years there is no reason for anyone to claim it was for a fixed period only, it is her established terms and conditions.

tornandhurt Mon 26-Jun-17 15:26:28

Thank you for the help appreciate it. Have passed it on and I think that may have settled her a little.

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