I need a pep talk

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Caulkheadupnorf Sun 25-Jun-17 18:01:53

Also, think of all the other stuff that's hard that you have got through before.

WarwickAlice Sun 25-Jun-17 18:00:27

That is a good idea. I can do one hour at a time then reward myself with a tea break or something. X

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Caulkheadupnorf Sun 25-Jun-17 17:34:34

I used to work out how many hours I was at work and then count down. I knew I could get through an hour so I just focused on it one hour at a time.

There will be better jobs out there. There always is.

WarwickAlice Sun 25-Jun-17 17:29:18

I hate my job. It's a long story, but basically it's because managers keep making shit decisions and are too arrogant to listen to their employees' serious concerns. It's Sunday night, I've got to go in tomorrow and I'm already dreading it. I have just 7 weeks before going on maternity leave, but that feels like 7 years. I'm making plans to start my own company so I don't have to go back. Please help me get through this 7 weeks without losing my mind and walking home in tears.

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