Executive Assistant to Head Teacher

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JeanSeberg Wed 14-Jun-17 13:02:37

I've been invited to apply for this position - it's a private school from reception to sixth form.

Does anyone work in this role and could share experience?

Thanks in advance.

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JeanSeberg Thu 15-Jun-17 07:10:06


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superram Thu 15-Jun-17 07:18:47

The tile is misleading. Is it a deputy head post or pa/bursar type role?

Moanyoldcow Sat 17-Jun-17 20:29:34

Hi - I'm a Finance Manager in an independent school.

The role your describe is like the right hand woman to the Head Teacher: diary management; assisting with prize giving; dealing with parents; liaising with new incoming parents etc.

You may have some office management duties for other admin staff.

The main issue with a job like this is that you will be working very closely with the HT and if there are any personality clashes they'll be hard to get over.

JeanSeberg Sun 18-Jun-17 17:47:22

Thanks moany. That was my first thought too. Guess it will come down to personalities if I get an interview.

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