Are my union being unsupportive?

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Iris65 Tue 13-Jun-17 21:38:36

Just been made redundant and am in the process of having settlement agreed. It has to be looked at by my union before I can agree it.
My local rep has stopped all communication saying the regional rep is dealing with it. I have never met or spoken to the regional rep and all I get is standardised emails from them.
I have to agree my reference before we can progress and I emailed the rep detailing why I won't agree to the reference. He emailed back saying 'Write the reference yourself and we'll submit it.'
I replied saying that I can't write it as I am struggling with serious health issues - including an emergency appointment tomorrow in London (150 miles away) - being treated for depression and anxiety and am overwhelmed.
He replied saying 'As I said in my previous email I suggest you write it yourself.'
Am I justified thinking that there should be more support than this?

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daisychain01 Wed 14-Jun-17 05:56:33

You ought to have been offered the option of legal assistance i.e. a solicitor to review your offer to ensure it is a fair redundancy package. Very often the company will fund that. Can you request that direct to your employer. It normally costs £300-500 which isn't much but it means you don't have to rely on your Union who dont sound interested in supporting you.

As regards your reference, I would just get your employer to confirm your years of service. You could also get them to state you had no disciplinaires and had good attendance and punctuality ( if that is the case). Years of service is very often all a future employer will need.

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