Changing NHS trust after mat leave

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matleaveworries Fri 09-Jun-17 12:59:40

NC as lots of people know my situation and post personal issues on my other name smile

I'm currently 7 months into mat leave, and due to unavoidable circumstances have had to move just before having my DS last year. Due to even more circumstances it's completely impossible to move back to where I was previously (would be unable to afford rent and childcare- don't even know how I'd get childcare for night shifts!/no support/couldn't physically have a deposit to put down for rent). I now live 4 hours away from where I worked.

I'm fully intending on returning to the NHS but does anyone know whether i would still have to pay my maternity pay back if I moved trust? I received OMP (not SMP) for 6 months.

I also have an issue that there are currently (and havent been for 4 months) no jobs in my field anywhere within an hours drive of where I live confused under the NHS guide, it says mat pay has to be paid back unless under exceptional circumstances.

Would this be an exceptional circumstance being unable to return to original place of work and no jobs anywhere nearby?

Thanks for any advice smileI am a member of a union so will also ask them for advice, just thought I'd ask for any advice/experience on here first!

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