Do I have to declare MH issues on an online medical form for new job?

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Mindfullness Thu 08-Jun-17 18:05:35

I have just got a new job and have been sent an online medical screening form. One of the questions asks if I have ever had treatment for mental health difficulties such as depression/anxiety. I have had an ongoing history of generalised anxiety disorder and required medication/therapy but really don't want my employer to know this. Do I legally have to disclose it? I just feel very vulnerable Thank you

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daisychain01 Thu 08-Jun-17 22:06:06

Hi Mindfullness, once you have successfully secured the job, i.e. Contract signed, start date agreed etc, a company can ask in general terms about physical and mental disability. Their interest should only be around any reasonable adjustments they could make to your workplace environment.

You do not legally have to declare any mental health conditions, however you may want to consider whether it may be worth you sharing your condition with your employer. You are protected from discrimination from Day 1 so you don't have to worry, if anything, letting them know about your condition means they will be understanding towards you and give you support.

Shellym13 Sun 11-Jun-17 15:40:38

I was honest on my medical form and it did hold things up a bit as they requested drs reports but I'm glad I was honest.
I still got the job, if it comes to light later you could be in trouble for not declaring it.

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