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NHS band 3 salaries - anyone understand the points system??

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Bananajam Fri 02-Jun-17 17:55:13

I have just changed jobs, I've worked 8 years for the nHS and have moved from a GP practice to the local hospital. The pay banding advertised was £16,800 to £19,655 full time, my working hours are 35pw. Anyone know what my salary should be?? I have just received my contract, a month late due to the first one being incorrect but this one looks wrong too! Either that or I've just taken almost a £2k drop in salary a year confused

Ginmakesitallok Fri 02-Jun-17 17:58:29

We're you on agenda for change terms and conditions at the gps?

Ginmakesitallok Fri 02-Jun-17 17:59:07

Were not we're !

Bananajam Fri 02-Jun-17 18:01:14

Yes I was, I knew it would be slightly less as I've dropped a massive 2 & 1/2 hours a week but not by that much!!

Gingernaut Fri 02-Jun-17 18:02:39

It sounds like you've dropped to the bottom of the Band 3 pay point.

Bananajam Fri 02-Jun-17 18:07:33

Ok, so if where it says current salary it states current salary band 3 by increments from £a to £b, should I be expecting £a or £b?? In accordance with the agreement relating to my band? If it's £b the it's £30 less which is fine and what I was expecting!

Bananajam Fri 02-Jun-17 18:07:56

Sorry, that's a bit garbled!!

Sofabitch Fri 02-Jun-17 18:11:56

As them. You can negotiate to start higher up if it would mean a pay cut

PossomInAPearTree Fri 02-Jun-17 18:12:24

Were you on band 3 previously? If so you should have moved I've in the same point on the band 3 same money per hour. It's nit unusual for payroll to mess this up, ring them on Monday.

Bananajam Fri 02-Jun-17 18:17:05

Thanks all, I queried it when the first contract arrived but this is supposed to be correct! Just don't know which amount I should be expecting..

MadisonMontgomery Fri 02-Jun-17 18:22:02

I have found they usually start you on the bottom of the pay band unless you were already on a higher point with agenda for change - and as far as I'm aware GP practices don't qualify? You should have got a starting letter confirming your salary point, what does that say?

Bananajam Fri 02-Jun-17 18:30:50

They have agreed my previous service as we were on agenda for change which I know is unusual for GP surgeries. It does state point 8 on the contract which would make it the higher figure but the wording is confusing

ThePinkOcelot Fri 02-Jun-17 19:11:44

My Trust will not start anyone on anything other than the bottom of the band unless coming from another nhs trust. GP surgery not classed as such.

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