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Staff requests - how do you deal with requests to transfer internally

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Lushmetender Fri 02-Jun-17 12:21:28

Hi I have a small but dynamic team. Our company encourages staff to drive their own career. One staff member came time by default and he is covering mat leave for someone else in my team, he was supposed to be a PM for another project which didn't come off so he's applying in other depts but not successful due to lack of experience. My star team member who I don't want to lose and fully intend to promote next year came forward and asked if a role (one step up) was suitable for her. I have it in my goals to support the team in career aspirations etc but I don't want them to leave yet it is not fair to stand in their way. My staff member had the right skills for this job but it's a trainer job which I believe needs high energy. My only comment on this staff member in terms of development is that she needs to put herself in limelight of management to show what a great job she is doing but she's v much a team player and hides her light under a bushel and not high energy in that way. My husband says I should use coaching to discuss with her if this role is really what she wants to do as she is asking me what I think and if it would be interesting for her. These are questions she had to ask herself and ultimately she has to make a decision if it's the right move for her! The thing that is niggling me is whether her current role is not for her, whether it's me she's really trying to move from or if she'd be happier if she was promoted in her current role. Difficult questions as we're all human, her moving would be devastating for me and the team as she is only one in team who consistently delivers when she says she will. The client really has based an extension of contract on her so I'm a bit bereft (though equally I'm bored in my PM role here as it is high pressure but not v interesting so I'm thinking of applying elsewhere myself) - so there could be an opportunity there.but of course I can't say this now and can't do myself out of a job until I have something concrete!

daisychain01 Sat 03-Jun-17 09:49:29

am I right in thinking that you've got two "candidate" members of staff and one new role opportunity but you don't feel either of them is suitable - one person lacks the experience, the other is a great performer who delivers to expectations but may not have the right personality.

If this is the case, I would just advertise the role, see who applies and take it from there. You'd have to do that anyway, surely you recognise as a manager that it would be unfair to earmark your favourite before giving everyone a fair crack of the whip, under the same interview conditions?

I can understand your motives in wanting to meet the objective for staff development, but you still have to stay unbiased.

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