Leaving job after 5 months.

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Babyroobs Thu 01-Jun-17 17:36:45

Is it such a bad thing to leave a job after 5 months.? I quite like the job itself ( well some parts of it) but feel it wasn't properly explained to me at interview. One of the places I need to do a clinic at has no parking unless I pay £7 or walk 20 minutes to a cheaper car park. They never even mentioned some of the work being done here.
Two of my supervisors are lovely and supportive but the other seems to be in a permanent mood and can't even bring herself to speak to me. the work is complex and advice given needs to be absolutely spot on but I've been trained by someone who has only been there a few months. Last week I sat in a room doing training that was completely irrelevant to my role.
Is it going to look bad on my CV if I just go. I have another part time job which I do alongside this one and could manage on one wage for a short while. I guess I feel a failure for quitting so soon but it's making me miserable.

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hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Thu 01-Jun-17 17:46:48

Not necessarily. I think if you explained all of what you have just said at an interview I think that sounds reasonable. Lifes too short to be unhappy.

daisychain01 Thu 01-Jun-17 18:16:05

Honest opinion, I would consider all the factors before making your decision

- are you really thinking of ending employment because it isn't perfect?
- No job is 100%, you'll find grumpy people in every organisation, is a 20 mins walk really that bad? Sitting through some training, even if you think it's irrelevant, might have needed to be done, but it's knowledge you now have that you didn't have before.
- it sounds like the job doesn't inspire you. That's OK, leave it because you want something more interesting, but not for the reasons you've given because they don't seem to be show-stoppers.
- if you have several jobs on your CV with < 1 year, maybe think about whether that matters to you...

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