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Struggling at work - how can I keep up the pace until I decide my next move

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Lushmetender Thu 01-Jun-17 13:46:03

Started a new job a year ago. The previous person in the job left after 18 months. Thought I'd learn a lot more about a different aspect of my area of expertise. In reality, I'm basically doing petty accounting and I hate numbers! They want facts, figures, metrics - but don't have great finance systems so struggling to find help or the data. I am bored and it's just not me. However I'm feeling management is losing patience for my excuses when it is genuinely hard to find staff who are trained enough to give me the data I need. My manager is v hands off and is a bit useless. I need to find something else but this could take time. How do I cope in the meantime. I'm getting stressed but have a mega back log of things to do. I have a new assistant but I can't pass things to her when I don't understand them myself. I have had training but the perspective of the systems don't suit my project. The relationship with my customer is good. But I'm losing the will. How do I keep up the good work as they say!!!!

AlternativeTentacle Thu 01-Jun-17 14:05:06

Give your assistant the job of finding out the figures you need.

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