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Is there any point applying for a job where you don't meet the 'essential' criteria?

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SpinMill Sat 27-May-17 11:23:16

Seen a job I'm interested in, looking at the person spec I don't meet all of the essential criteria, however I do think I have relevant experience.
I work in a secondary school currently, this job's in a primary and it says primary school experience is essential. Is there any point applying anyway, or are they likely to discount the application straight away if the essential aren't all met? What do you think?

LittleCandle Sat 27-May-17 11:28:18

Just go for it. Give examples of your relevant experience. The worst they can do is say no (or ignore, which seems to be the most common thing nowadays) and you're no worse off. But your experience might be just what they are looking for.

foresttrees2 Sat 27-May-17 11:30:24

I think you should apply. We are looking at gender inequality at work and it seems that men tend to apply more often for roles when they only meet some of the criteria. Its often difficult to write a job spec and I would take it as guide, rather than concrete pass/fail criteria. If you believe you can do the job thenits worth applying!

tatohead Sat 27-May-17 19:05:50

Yes! There's actually research showing that men apply for jobs when they barely meet 'desirable' criteria but women don't apply unless they have all the 'essential' list. Go for it!

TheSnowFairy Sun 28-May-17 13:43:00

I applied for a job which asked for capital project experience. I have project experience but not capital projects.

Didn't get it but the interview was really good practice.

Go for it - what have you got to lose?

ColdAsIceCubes Sun 28-May-17 13:47:16

My dh applied for a job after he had been made redundant, he met around 75% of the criteria they wanted. He applied and was honest about not meeting all the criteria, was invited to interview and got he job. He has been there 7 years now, go for it op, you've got nothing to lose.

MrsPeacockDidIt Sun 28-May-17 23:53:00

I would apply for a job I met above 50% of the criteria if the other % were things I was reasonably sure I could do given the chance. My first serious job I did that with and not only got the job but thrived in it. Some jobs might not attract any applicants that have 100 % so you've nothing to lose by applying.

SpinMill Mon 29-May-17 08:21:05

Thanks everyone, I'm going to fill in the application today. As many of you say, I've nothing to lose.

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