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Flexible Working

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Pinkhousealreadyinuse Wed 24-May-17 18:42:11

Informally asked about flexible working, working 4.5 days over 4 days. Fairly standard (I know a lot of people that do similar) I think. My company is a very large company and has has granted others compressed hours in other teams. Another person in another team has asked for exactly the same formally and been told it's not a problem, lots of others in the same position.

Now, had a meeting today and told, again informally, that I'm likely to be denied this and I either do 4 days or 5 days. No compressed hours. Also heard that there are 3 others in my team who have also asked for compressed hours and have been denied. Spoke to one today who said that it is because they didn't actually trust that you would do the extra 3.5 hours. Gah. The longer hours would actually be beneficial as we work with Asia and NY.

I think this is a crock of shit really and I don't think it's legal as it wouldn't hit any of the 8 reasons you need to give for a rejection (especially as they have offered a 4 day week).

Never been down this road though so does anyone have any advice? Any aces I can pull out?

Sorry if this is a ramble.

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