What are the benefits of increased hours?

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rara67 Wed 24-May-17 14:56:26

Currently contracted towork 14 hours per week over 4 days, don't earn enough to pay tax or NI. Enjoy my job my and DM helps with childcare in the school holidays. If I increased my hours (this is what my employer wants) I would have a problem in the holidays and I feel that I would constantly be playing catch up at home (DH is out of the house for 13 hours a day). I would save more money as I wouldn't have time to spend it, still be able to do school run, but wonder if the positives outway the negatives?

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healthyheart Wed 24-May-17 17:23:54

Depends how many hours you mean by? I guess going to 18hrs is manageable but 40 hours not?! Yes downsides: tax & NI costs may kick in plus childcare and less free time possibly adding stress to your life/ juggling. Upsides: more cash for you plus if you enjoy the work you'll feel more confident and possibly happier, I know that's how I feel anyhow with working. All depends on what lifestyle/ balance you want. Write down positives and negatives and see if you can decide that way?

kscience Wed 24-May-17 17:35:56

Have you used the online salary calculator to work out exactly how much your wage would change? Factor in increased child costs etc

unlimiteddilutingjuice Wed 24-May-17 17:51:07

I think you need to crunch the numbers.
Work out how much extra spending money you would have once childcare, travel and work related expenses are taken into account.
(Don't forget to check tax credits entitlement)
Then decide if that money is worth the sacrifice to you.

I had a similar choice to make. It turned out my disposable income would have been the same at 3 days per week or 5! (Without tax credits I would have been worse off on 5 days)
I negotiated a job share grin

rara67 Wed 24-May-17 18:41:06

Thank you. I think actually writing down the pros and cons would help. This is my first job after 13 years as a stay at home mum, so it's been a long time since I have had to negotiate with an employer. The money pays for treats and DH meets all the household costs. If I was out from school run at 8.30 til home time at 3.45 I would get a cleaner although she would charge more per hour than I actually earn! Is that crazy? To be honest i am already on a treadmill of 5.45 alarm, sandwiches, breakfast, school run, breakfast, school run, work. In the evening I do two sittings for dinner as DH is so late home and rarely sit down before 9.30. With all the joys of being nearly 50 on top of this, I think I have answered my own question!

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healthyheart Wed 24-May-17 21:27:08

Why do you do two sittings for dinner? I make one lot and plate up DH's for him to microwave later if he's coming home later than we wish to eat. Or slow cooker meal left on low keeps nice? Or he could get himself a takeaway or make a snack type meal once a week? Cleaner definitely! But only a couple of hours - you may not earn as much as your cleaner PH but your daily rate is more than they would be getting for the visit so surely worth it? Hope these ideas help, good luck. Also maybe worth negotiating a pay rise as your boss obviously values you if he/ she wants you to increase your hours? Maker sure you're getting your market rate ( as opppsed to what you were getting paid 13 or so years ago!)

skyzumarubble Wed 24-May-17 21:28:57

How old are you kids? How many hours do they want you to do?

rara67 Wed 24-May-17 21:45:18

Thanks again, plenty for me to think about. Hadn't considered the cost per visit of a cleaner....it's a no-brainier on those terms. DH works long hours so that I don't have to, but I do need to get a wider choice of "cook once - eat twice" meals. The salary thing is tricky as before the DC I had a full time job with lots of responsibility and staff, now I am the junior member of the team. However I do need to ensure that I don't take on extra responsibility without be rewarded accordingly. DS are nearly 14 and nearly 9 so only need childcare for DS2 but it's more about the time I spend with them. It's so precious and I know that I only have a few years left when they will want to be seen out with me!! Old fashioned pen and paper to consider all my options. Thanks again

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