Extended probation & no answers

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CoconutGal Sun 21-May-17 17:41:48

I've been in my current job 5 months. They knew about my disability but decided not to change my role, a month in & my disability was at its worst one day & now I have a change of role & risk assessment in place as well as extended probation. My probation ends next month (June). I have been asking my manager for the last 2 months if we can meet & discuss what's going to happen to my employment from the end of my probation. All I keep getting told is "I don't know but we will definitely sit down & talk about it with the big boss". But nothing happens. Staff are continuing with their roles but I'm unable to fulfil my role that I applied for because of the changes to my role. It means that basically they're paying me the wage for the role I applied for but I'm not delivering that service.

I've contacted my union but they've been slow to reply to the point where they know what's going on but they too have not got back to me. What do I do? I have 2 weeks left.

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flowery Sun 21-May-17 20:23:57

I'm not clear whether the change to your role is a good thing or not. You seem to suggest in your second sentence that they didn't change your role but should have done, but then later you indicate that now they have but don't seem to see it as a good thing?

CoconutGal Sun 21-May-17 20:36:28

Flowry - sorry let me clear things out a little, I applied & began my role as a nurse. Now I am on a stricter role, so I have no patient contact on my own, I don't run clinics, I am mainly administrative.

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daisychain01 Mon 22-May-17 04:27:15

I'd be concerned by the fact that you were employed as a nurse and now they are just giving you admin tasks to do, when you are (presumably) keen to get on and do the job you were hired for.

Have you put your concerns in writing? It may help if you formalise by emailing to confirm your recent discussions and ask for a date when you will find out what the future plans are for you.

I'm not impressed by the lack of support from your Union. Have you been in touch with ACAS?

CoconutGal Mon 22-May-17 06:39:41

daisychain01 - I've had many many meetings with my manager organised by me noting down what I was concerned about but they all end up the same. She doesn't know any further plans but will contact the boss above her & organise a meeting. ACAS said my manager had to make reasonable adjustments & that they sounded like reasonable adjustments.

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daisychain01 Wed 24-May-17 18:19:23

Im not clear what the situation is here. Normally probation is extended because they arent certain enough to confirm employment due to performance Is that the situation?

OlennasWimple Wed 24-May-17 18:24:33

I'm struggling to see how moving someone to admin role away from a practicing nurse role is a reasonable adjustment confused

CoconutGal Mon 29-May-17 18:09:59

Daisychain01 - they said I can't deliver the service for the role that I applied for therefore they will be terminating my employment at the end of my probation.

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daisychain01 Wed 31-May-17 06:05:42

That's a pity coconut, sorry it didnt work out for you. Fresh start now.

intheknickersoftime Wed 31-May-17 06:15:41

Can I just double check. Is your disability stopping you from doing​ your job? Nothing about this is satisfactory. Are you in a union? There's a difference be "they said" and whether you've actually been given the chance to deliver. I wouldn't let this go. You are a nurse. You should be able to do the job your trained to do. You need further advice.

intheknickersoftime Wed 31-May-17 06:17:37

Sorry, I've not read the thread properly. I'm just shocked at the way you've been treated.

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