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Job interview requires passport.. I've lost mine!

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alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:14:34

Got interview on Monday for a job I really want.
They rang me yesterday and told me to bring passport for ID.
I looked on website too and it says they will ONLY accept passport as ID.

I've turned the house upside down looking for it. I honestly think it's not here and got lost in house move. I've not used it for years.Whenever I've needed photo ID I've always shown driving license.

All I can do is ring tomorrow (if offices are open) or on the day itself..interview not until afternoon.
I'm a UK citizen... it's a UK job... I have photo driving license, proof of address etc.
I'm getting really anxious that they will refuse to see me.
It's taken me months to get an interview with anyone.

Not everyone has a passport anyway! Not that I'm making excuses for self..but I've spent the whole day looking, I'm so stressed out

ProfYaffle Fri 19-May-17 20:17:17

They're mistaken if they think that a passport is the only way to prove UK citizenship. here is a list of acceptable documents.

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:18:04

thanks I'll look. They didn't say citizenship... that was just me making a point... website says it's the only ID they'll accept.
I can't understand why driving license isn't valid!

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:18:18

and have P45 etc etc

LIZS Fri 19-May-17 20:19:09

It will be to check your eligibility to work in UK. If you can't find it take your birth certificate and driving licence and say you will bring passport when you have it.

treaclesoda Fri 19-May-17 20:20:12

That's crazy, as you say, some people don't even have a passport. shock

Youvegotafriendinme Fri 19-May-17 20:20:18

Your right, not everyone does have a passport so I don't know how they can be so adamant about that being the only form of ID they accept. I hope your still able to go for your interview

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:21:07

Would it be rude for me to just show up with driving license and letters with my name/address on?
Guess I should really ring their head office tomorrow and leave a message if they are closed?

ProfYaffle Fri 19-May-17 20:21:27

All employers have to prove that their new starters are legal to work in the UK, the passport will almost certainly be to ascertain this. Driving licence proves you're legal to drive but has nothing to do with your right to work in the UK.

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:22:13

I know it doesn't look good for me if i can just 'lose' a passport but it happens. I left domestic violence, everything thrown into storage etc.. things got left behind and so on...loads went missing

LauraPalmersBodybag Fri 19-May-17 20:22:32

Op, I have a bit of work experience in this area. Imo just go to the interview, take what you can and promise to follow up asap. I'm pretty certain they only need proof of eligibility if you get the job and there's often a few weeylead time there. If you're the right candidate I'm sure it won't put them off.

Good luck!

ArcticMumkey Fri 19-May-17 20:22:50

I work in recruitment. A driving licence does not show you have the right to work in the UK but your birth certificate will, do you have a copy? (alongside your driving licence for photo ID)

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:22:55

What else would prove I can legally work in the UK? NI number?
P45? etc

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:23:18

So annoying, I'm english, job is in England, I've always lived here..

justdontevenfuckingstart Fri 19-May-17 20:23:51

Can you take something that has your National Insurance number on it?

moutonfou Fri 19-May-17 20:24:23

Yes I'd say just go and take alternative documents. It may be that it's a company that interviews a lot of foreign nationals and so they ask everybody as standard so they don't waste time hiring people without the right to work.

ProfYaffle Fri 19-May-17 20:24:24

Op, check the list I linked to. All the acceptable documents are listed there.

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:24:26

Thanks Bodybag! Best username ever! Are you totally excited about Monday morning and going to stay up for it?! I'm debating this as it's 2am and I have the interview next day! But not for 12 hours later.
I don't want to jeapardise things any more!

moutonfou Fri 19-May-17 20:25:07

P.S. In our company the alternative to passport is your birth certificate + something with NI no. on.

LonelyCooler Fri 19-May-17 20:25:28

You can use long birth certificate along with your national insurence number (on official document, letter or card) as your right to work in the U.K.
Take drivers licence incase they need photo ID too.

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 20:26:19

Birth cert gone awol too sad

ProfYaffle Fri 19-May-17 20:26:24

moutonfou is right, it's common for companies to have a policy of requiring proof of right to work in the UK at interview as it's a waste of time interviewing someone who ultimately can't be taken on.

LIZS Fri 19-May-17 20:28:59

Order a certified copy of your birth certificate asap , costs about £8 iirc. Make sure you use a .gov site so you don't get overcharged. You would probably need it for a new passport etc.

Adarajames Fri 19-May-17 20:37:31

I don't have a passport and can't afford one, surely they can't insist on only that as would discriminate against those that can't afford it?!

alltoomuchrightnow Fri 19-May-17 21:14:34

Thanks LIZS will do

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