Has anyone got an experience of using "Reference expert" reference checker system?

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reup Fri 19-May-17 15:00:10

Either an an employer, or employee or referee? I've filled out a form for a new job but nothing seems to be happening!


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reup Fri 19-May-17 16:58:49


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daisychain01 Sat 20-May-17 12:54:35

I've just looked it up on the web, as I wasn't aware of it. It's a third party website to manage references

in my experience many companies only give a bland and standard response -

Jane Doe worked at XYZ company from date A to date B

certainly not the level of detail in their example reference.

reup Sat 20-May-17 13:00:32

Thanks. I had to fill in references for a job I've been offered and despite numerous resendings the referees have received nothing. The HR department couldn't even contemplate anything wrong with the system so I wondered if other people had encountered problems. I'm stuck in limbo with me having to contact all the parties constantly!

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daisychain01 Sat 20-May-17 13:43:12

Thanks reup for clarifying your problem a bit further.

These online tools can add extra layers of stress to the already tenuous process of securing a new job.

Have you asked your referees to check their spam / junk folders in their email accounts. It's highly likely the automated email they receive isn't recognised so gets diverted straight to junk.

And I would hazard a guess that the wording of the auto-email is written ambiguously or that it isn't clear it's something they have to deal with!

reup Sat 20-May-17 15:18:23

Thanks - I've spoken to one and she said she had checked but I might email her again when HR have sent a link. The other one is a teacher so doesn't have a direct phone so I have to leave messages. I'll try again on Monday.

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