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Interview help please

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CantHelpDancingWithTheDevil Mon 15-May-17 13:13:21

Good afternoon,

I am a civil servant; worked in my engineering department for eight years. Three weeks ago my boss offered me the chance to go to college one day a week, as long as I make up the hours on the remaining four days - to gain a qualification that I need to progress. I've applied for college and I'll hear back in due course. No guarantee of a job at the end of the two year course but I'll be qualified to apply for any vacancies, should they arise.

Now, today the department has advertised an apprenticeship. Four days a week working 8-4 and the one day at college. The pay is roughly the same as what I'm on at the moment; but on completion of the course - wage rises to £30,000 and you're guaranteed a new post and promotion within three years.

The big thing for me; is if I go to college independently - I'll be working 8-6 on the remaining four days a week whereas the apprentices will be on 8-4

I'm going to apply - should I mention I've already independently applied for college, in the hope they see how keen I am? We genuinely had no idea the department would be advertising for apprentices

Thank you

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