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p45 or p60 issues

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agedknees Sat 13-May-17 16:28:32

Left my nhs employment in March. Have tried and tried to get my p45 as I have retired and the tax office have asked me to fill in a tax return form. Also awaiting my last pay slip.

So today r veiv d a p45 for this tax year with only £61.20 earns on it. So they should have issued me a p60 for last year? But they say I cannot have one because I left in March.

Just to add mud to the water, the payroll has be n contracted out in April. No one seems to know what they are doing. I have escalat d it to a complaint, but am I right in believing if they generated a p45 for this year which does not cover last years earnings, they ne d to give me a p60 for last year (so I can fill in my tax return).

champagneplanet Sat 13-May-17 16:36:40

what is your date of leaving on the p45?

Nowwhatsthis Sat 13-May-17 16:40:12

Why did you earn money this tax year?

I think you're correct, they need to give you some proof of last years earnings. If they issued the p45 this year, they need to give you a p60 for last year.

agedknees Sat 13-May-17 17:12:00

Date on p45 is 21/4/17. Month number is 1. I think they may have paid me for hours I worked over my contracted hours but as my last payslip has not been sent to me I cannot be sure. I also think they may have deducted car parking as well because only £44 went into my bank.

But without my payslip (which they have said 3 times they have posted it to my last address) I don't know.

Hey have my leaving date on my p45 as 2/4/17 which is right.

agedknees Sat 13-May-17 17:13:59

Thank you everyone who replied.

CotswoldStrife Sat 13-May-17 17:18:19

P60's are often issued in May or June, so it might be that the company just hasn't done them yet (especially if they have changed payroll provider - is the old one producing them or the new?!) Are you in contact with any of your old colleagues, do you know if they've had their P60's yet? Or will the company write a letter with the necessary figures in it?

agedknees Sat 13-May-17 17:25:30

Good idea Cotswold. Also we are not allowed to talk to a human in payroll now. Everything is done by e-mail and they are allow d 3-5 days to reply.

Have just e-mailed them asking where my last payslip is (suppos duly sent with my p45).

daisychain01 Sat 13-May-17 17:51:40

I was just coming in to say what Cotswold said.

P60 is a summary of the previous year's Gross salary and tax, and as such it has to be issued after 6th April. May is often the month when they are issued.

Musicaltheatremum Sat 13-May-17 18:00:03

We issue our p60s with march wages. Last day of month. Our manager does all the payroll and year end stuff in one. P45 is what you get if you leave during a tax year so you should have a P45 for the first 2 days of April and a P60 for 16/17

agedknees Sat 13-May-17 18:39:28

Thanks everyone for all your help.

champagneplanet Sun 14-May-17 00:17:09

You have been paid in the 17/18 tax year so your P45 will only show earnings from 6 April until your 'leaving date', in this case that'll be the pay date they have paid you.

Taking into account the above they owe you a P60 for 16/17, the distribution deadline for these is 31st May.

Namechangedagain321 Mon 15-May-17 15:42:01

P60s are issued at the end of the tax year to employees currently employed. As you left prior to the end of the tax year you will not get a P60 and your P45 should have your full tax information provided you have only had one job in that year.

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