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leaving before then end of school year on a term time contract

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xoxcherylxox Thu 11-May-17 18:33:30

I'm looking for a bit of advice . I'm employed as an assistant in a school on a term time contract. I have just secured a new job and finish up tomorrow. so my question is with regards to my final pay and holidays.

Im paid for 45.4 weeks of the year (this includes annual leave and public holidays)but receive pay throughout all holidays. In order to do this my take home pay each 4 week period is less. I work 5 days a week which works out 26.25 hour per week at £8.97 per hour so pay should be £235.46 per week but I actually only get £205.01. (238.87 but actually £207.98 from 1st April) so as I understand this is £30.45 (30.89)short every week and all these £30.45's add up and help pay me throughout all the school holidays. So as I finish up tomorrow I have worked out that all those £30.45's have added up to £1190.19.
Using the HMRC online calculator I worked out from my start date of 11th August 2016 to 12th May 2017 (although previously employed with council on different contract prior to that) I was entitled to 21.1 days holiday. I have currently had 33 days . days pay is £48.88 so even deducting the 11 days over my entitlement off of the balance of £1190.19 there is still a balance owed to me.

was on the phone to pay roll today going round in circles and no1 seems to understand what I mean and doesn't think it works like that and that if you accept a term time contract you have benefited from the holidays so should just forfit balance left if you leave part way through a year. I think this is madness as this is hours I have actually worked and earned the money having being paid short every week to cover these holidays.

has anyone else had any experience with this

JenniferYellowHat1980 Fri 12-May-17 18:56:34

No but it will work the other way for me. I will have the summer holidays paid because I have to give 3 months notice in summer. Swings and roundabouts I suppose. Doesn't work in your favour here but I understand what you mean sad

Whileweareonthesubject Sat 13-May-17 09:41:43

Are you basing your figures on a while year's salary is; 39 weeks term time? If so, I think you are including some holiday time twice. You are entitled to be paid for 227 days work + holiday per year. The dates you have given will be somewhere around 280 days ( including holidays but not weekends) but there are still a lot of days of the school year left, after you finish. Days for which you are not entitled to be paid, but which I think you may be including in your calculations.

xoxcherylxox Sat 13-May-17 10:37:06

I have based it on actuall start date and finish date when working out how many holidays I would have accrued and actaully recieved in that time. As a council employee it also states we get 20 days annual leave and 12 public holidays . Ano the national minimum is 20 days and 8 days public holiday so not sure if this makes a difference that I get 4 more.
think I'll need to do some more calculations . I've now been advised to write to the council and that my question isn't a total stupid question and warrants looking into a proper answer/explanation

DellaPorter Sun 14-May-17 13:28:52

I am a school finance director
Annual salary for a tto employee calculated thus

Hours pw/ 36 or 37 x weeks worked + holidays due - something like 38 or 39 plus 4.3 = 43.3/52.14 x full time equivalent salary

Actual arrangements depend a bit from area to area as does method of calculation if you leave before year end

It won't be the method of calculation you are using, though

Feel free to PM me if you would like me to do some calculations for you

DellaPorter Sun 14-May-17 13:33:02

From 11th August last year I would have thought you had the following holiday

August 3 weeks
Oct ht 1 week
Xmas 2 weeks
Feb Ht 1 week
Easter 2 weeks
9 weeks total or 45 days
Since 1st sept 6 weeks or 30 days

xoxcherylxox Sun 14-May-17 17:41:10

no in Scotland our schools go back before English schools so the 11th August and the 12th august were staff In Service days children then returned on the 15th.
public holidays - 2 sept
30th Nov st Andrews day
4 over xmas/ new year
good fri, easter Monday
may day

holidays - 5 days oct
7 days xmas/newyear
2 days feb
9 over easter
which makes 23 days holidays
plus 10 bank holidays

the council appendix of terms and conditions state that council employees get 12 days public holidays, and for 9 months service I would have accured 15 days annual leave

DellaPorter Sun 14-May-17 19:08:22

For an annual contract equating to 45.4w, you will receive 87% of fte salary, divided into equal twelths

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