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New job problems

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Tiger1274 Sat 29-Apr-17 13:42:48

I wanted to put something on mumsnet to get some responses to a few mistakes ive made in my new job.
I am a p/t Receptionist and started 3 weeks ago. Its completely different to my old job as a customer service advisor where it was faced paced. The new job is quite sedate and slow/methodical and there is myself, one full timer and the manager in close proximity to each other. Its very quiet compared previous role which im not used to. Anyway i.made a bid boo boo.lssr week. I was asked to email approx 150 statements to customers. These are info.on what client has paid and hasnt paid. I unfortunately sent 10 to incorrect client so beached daya protection. One client complained to his accountant on email so my manager was aware. I also left the communication room with all the servers in unlocked, forgot to frank 2 letters which could have been very important as its accountants and got confused when big boss called to.speak to Michelle and looked at the signing in board which has 2 Michelles and said i wasnt sure if ahe had gone for the day or was away from her desk. My new boss is very nervous as wondering what mistake i'll make next. I can feel.the atmosphere and i have become nervous to. I really feel.its not like me to make 4 mistakes in such a short period and i dont know whats going on. I have caused a confidence in my abity issue with new boss. I have thought long and hard and i think im just not used to a role where you need to double check everything. I really dont want to loose this job. Please any advise welcome

Whisky2014 Sat 29-Apr-17 13:44:44

Take your time and pay more attention.

Obsidian77 Sat 29-Apr-17 13:49:55

Start looking for a new job. If it's a very slow pace you have time to check your work properly. If I were your boss I would be most concerned that you don't know why and how you are making all these mistakes, how can they help you perform better? Unless they have provided very poor training to you.
One email to the wrong person is a bit shoddy but 10 hmm

healthyheart Sat 29-Apr-17 13:50:53

Ah. What a shame you sound very nervous, you are learning a new role, try to put last week behind you and make a new start next week. Deep breath and smile! Before you send any documents or email just double check and think carefully. Good luck! Trouble is, if you worry and think they are on your case, you'll probably be more prone to make mistakes. ( it's like if someone is watching you type over your shoulder 😰) try to relax a little bit and think twice, no rushing!

daisychain01 Sun 30-Apr-17 05:47:18

OP did they give you a proper induction? Are you all in agreement with your job description?

Just asking in case they are giving you new tasks that were not your agreed core responsibility and they've left you to get on with it without support or instruction.

daisychain01 Sun 30-Apr-17 05:57:12

Advice I would give you if you were working in my team:
1- get a proper notebook, do a daily log (date / times) and write lots of notes including the instructions given. Tick each task when you've fully delivered it or notes of queries to be resolved.
2- any daily routines or responsibilities like locking the doors of the server room, create a daily alarm / reminder. If you have Outlook, set an appointment "lock server room" and set the time for 5 mins before so you don't get side tracked on other duties.
3- ask for support! You've only been there 3 weeks. They should be giving you time to learn and get into a routine.

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