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Compressed hours and maternity leave

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Boggle99 Fri 28-Apr-17 03:58:08

Hi, grateful for any advice please!

I work compressed hours 5 days in 4 (36hrs) and have an annual leave entitlement (inc Bank holidays) of 40 days (pro rata @ 32.5).

I'm about to go on maternity leave and I accrue annual leave entitlement while I'm on maternity leave. So I have 22 remaining (pro rata) days till year end.

While I'm on maternity leave is my annual leave carried forward pro rata (22 days) or should it revert to non pro rata leave (27.5)?

TIA smile

Flowers54 Fri 28-Apr-17 04:04:40

From my experience it remains pro rata

number1wang Fri 28-Apr-17 04:30:49

Pro rata.

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 09:47:47

It is carried over at my company. You need to check with HR

UppityHumpty Fri 28-Apr-17 09:48:08

Full not pro rata.

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