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Maternity pay - what is the best option?

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Lauren12Belle Thu 27-Apr-17 08:11:59


I wondered if anyone with more knowledge than I could help please.

I am currently self employed. I do not earn a tonne but enough to make sure that myself and the family have food shopping, clothes shopping and days out. My other half covers the main bills.

I am hoping to have a baby some time next year. However, I wasn't sure whether it would be best to stay as self employed or register as a limited company.

I do not know about allowances for mothers when self employed. Is there such a thing? Is it dependent on earnings? Should I just use savings to see me through if I remain self employed?

My work could easily be transfered to a limited company. Previous to having DD I ran a company fairly well and am aware of tax differences compared to being self employed. I also recall that maternity pay, whenever a staff member or myself required leave to have a small human was covered by our wonderful government, who sent payment for the full amount to the company as soon as maternity leave commenced.

Am I better staying self employed or registering as an employee of a limited company (which I can set up)? I understand the timing requirements of the latter.


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