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Civil Service Competency Help Needed! Collaboration & Partnering

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SunnySideDown1 Sun 23-Apr-17 14:37:07

I hope this is the right board to post it in, apologies if it isn't but it seemed the most appropriate place.

I'm applying for a role in the civil service, a fairly low level role and am drawing a blank at giving an example of when I have demonstrated collaboration and partnering and wondered if anyone could give me any ideas on what they would put please? It mentions about being a team player and building professional relationships, whilst having the confidence to challenge assumptions.

I know that my experience isn't the same as everyone else's and there must have been occasions in my working life that I have demonstrated this competency but I'm really struggling and hoping that if I see a few other peoples examples I may suddenly think 'aha I've done something similar!'

So if you have a few moments could you please give me a hint or some advice?

Thank you!

MidnightSheep Sun 23-Apr-17 14:50:35

It might help if you tell us what you've done in previous jobs - think about working as part of a team but concentrate on your personal input and achievement. Think about how you may have helped implement something that benefitted another colleague team or when you stepped up to help others deliver their work/project.

What level are you applying for and what is the competence level - it really can vary.

SunnySideDown1 Sun 23-Apr-17 15:39:55

Thank you for replying. This probably sounds stupid but I'm not really sure what level the role is, it's the first time I've looked at civil service jobs and it wasn't glaringly obvious! Does it say somewhere in the adverts or the candidate notes as I've probably missed it! But it's basically an admin position paying around 20K not in London so it's fairly low level.

I've been working in admin for a company that does something in the same industry as the department I've applied for. There's been occasions where I've had to learn things and cover them for my colleagues but we're a very small office (only 7) so there's not been much chance of project work or anything like that. Do you think an example of a time I've applied a new learned skill and cover someone with a different job title is relevant as an example in this instance?

JellyWitch Sun 23-Apr-17 15:42:24

I would be looking for examples of working outside your immediate team, networking and building relationships and the result that had on your work results.

blackcatlover Sun 23-Apr-17 15:46:50

Does it have a link to the CS competencies in the advert or the website - if so look at that one at the appropriate grade and it will give a breakdown of he behaviours they are looking for.

I have used an example of working with another team to solve a particular problem and the ongoing relationship thereafter and how we 'partner'.

You should be able to use the example you mention but you must bring out that it is a longer term relationship and how you managed it.

blackcatlover Sun 23-Apr-17 15:52:05

Remember to say what you personally did and make the example specific

SunnySideDown1 Sun 23-Apr-17 16:44:07

I've looked it up and it's a level 1 position.

That makes sense about partnerships and the ongoing implications, I think that's what I was missing.

I've submitted the application now, so on to the online test!

Thank you for all of your help smile

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