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Pregnant on Fixed Term Contract That Ends Before Maternity Kicks In...

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nInachu Wed 19-Apr-17 12:12:08

Hello there,

I've been looking for advice but it isn't clear so wondered if anyone here had any helpful insights.

My initial fixed term contract was for a year, my boss was on maternity leave and my stand in boss was a bit clueless about the whole thing. He tried to get it renewed for another year but could only get 6 months signed off because of the financial year ( or so he says), there has been no mention of not renewing. This contract is set to end June 19th, I will be 7.5 months pregnant then, if they don't renew do I have any rights?

The wording of the contract is that I'm employed for a specific project, however I'm Office Manager so that project is not really one that ends...

I would if they renew be looking to go on maternity leave July 28th as am due mid August..

Any insights most welcome!

flowery Wed 19-Apr-17 13:24:21

As long as you meet the criteria for statutory maternity pay, your employer has to pay it to you, even if you are no longer employed by them (unless and until you start working for someone else).

So as long as you're still working there by the time you're 25 weeks pregnant, which you will be, and earn enough, you will get SMP, just as if you were still employed.

In terms of your contract renewal, if they would have otherwise renewed it had it not been for your pregnancy, they are not allowed to not renew it, i.e. your pregnancy can't be a factor in the decision. If the role is still there and needed as is, they might struggle to explain a non-renewal.

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