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Would it look bad to send another email? (job interview)

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maggiethemagpie Tue 18-Apr-17 17:25:54

Long story short

Applied for a job a couple of weeks ago and had the first stage interview last week. Thought I'd fluffed it, so was pleasantly surprised to get an email inviting me to a second stage interview this Thursday. Alas, I am travelling away with business that day in another part of the country. My job involves a lot of travel, as does the one I've applied for, so it's to be expected to a certain extent in my line of work.

So anyway I emailed to say I couldn't do Thursday and gave some alternative dates including this Friday and some next week. They said they'd get back to me. This was last Wednesday.

I didn't hear before the Easter weekend and thought I'd hear back today. By 2.30 this afternoon hadn't heard back, emailed to say sorry to bother you but do you know when my second interview will be. I haven't heard a dickie bird! Not even to say they're still waiting to hear back from someone. This is not good news!

I'm tempted to send a second email to say, if they are struggling to find another date to see me I can try and shuffle things to make the original day. But I don't want to be constantly bombarding them with emails - I thought I should have heard from them by now?

I guess if they want to see me they'll sort it out? I'm just thinking now that maybe they're going to see the other candidates on Thursday now and i'm out of the running....

2014newme Tue 18-Apr-17 17:27:30

Yes email. Shows you are keen, can't do any harm

CotswoldStrife Tue 18-Apr-17 17:32:05

It could be that they can't get the panel together again so that is the only day available for the interviews, but it would be better if they said that rather than keep you hanging on. Ask them if it's going to be possible to interview you on a different day (or they might wait and see what happens with the second round before contacting you again).

maggiethemagpie Tue 18-Apr-17 17:38:12

I could get there for late on the Thursday, I will be driving a fair way so not ideal but better than not going at all I suppose. Should I tell them that /offer to come later?

I feel like if I don't say anything and I miss out then it's game over anyway.

maggiethemagpie Tue 18-Apr-17 17:42:06

Just sent email to say I could come towards the end of the day... I had a bad feeling with this one as I think they may have been finding it difficult to fit me in.

They should really have let me know by now though rather than keep me waiting and wondering, not a great sign!

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