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Term time contract and maternity leave

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TermTimeQuestions Tue 18-Apr-17 10:17:50

Name changed as this is identifying.

I work full time hours on a sort of term time only-ish basis. My contract says I work 40 hours per week 42 weeks per year with 5 weeks of holiday/bank holiday entitlement - so 10 weeks of unpaid time off and 5 weeks of paid time off. The expectation is that I work during the majority of term time and take 10 weeks off per year during the Christmas/Easter/Summer holidays. I then can use the 5 weeks of holiday/bank holiday entitlement to take half terms and any additional time I need off. My year period runs March 31st-March 31st. I'm paid the same amount monthly.

This works great for me and I'm thrilled I'm allowed to do it. However I go on maternity leave in August (planning to return in May 2018) and I've been told by friends that it may be unfair that I am going to loose some of my 10 weeks off. I plan on finishing work in June and using the 5 weeks of holiday/bank holiday entitlement to take me through to the end of the Summer term when I will be off anyway. Maternity leave will be triggered when the baby is born in August. I stand to loose around 5 weeks of time off as a result for 2017 and it's not clear if I will loose any time in 2018 or if I will have the full 10 weeks entitlement.

Does anyone know my what my rights are before I go to HR? I don't want to push it too much as I am very fortunate to be in this position but at the same time if I could end up loosing 7 weeks of time off due to maternity.

Thank you so much!

flowery Tue 18-Apr-17 13:53:00

Am I understanding this correctly? You are replacing some of the unpaid leave you normally take in school holidays with paid maternity leave, and are concerned you may be missing out?

Or do you think you will somehow lose your paid holiday?

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