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Advice from any agency nurses ..thinking of doing this

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blueRinser2002 Sun 16-Apr-17 19:40:37

Help !! I have a permanent NHS contract been in same place for years totally had enough with the stress I want some flexibility in my life to work round the family and basically do want and when for them . Thinking seriously about agency work . Was wandering if any of you do this ? Positives ? Negatives ?pay ? And which agencies to recommend if I take the plunge ?
Many thanks xx

GRW Sun 16-Apr-17 23:55:59

The good thing about staying in the NHS is the pension scheme, which you won't get with agency work. Is there an option to do bank work at the hospital where you work? I don't think you would get sickness benefit with agency either, but I think you can get holiday pay if you do regular work with some agencies. I had to come out of the NHS pension scheme when I got a job with a Hospice at home charity, but it's worth it for job satisfaction.

GaladrielsRing Sun 16-Apr-17 23:58:04

Where are you based?

bluebelltippytoes Mon 17-Apr-17 06:34:01

I'm not a nurse but could you reduce your hours or find a part-time nursing job within the NHS?

I should imagine you will find plenty of bank work as an experienced nurse but you won't get any pension or sickness benefits.

Lallypopstick Mon 17-Apr-17 09:24:18

In our Trust, they won't use agency staff at all any more because of trying to save money. Even bank shifts are less common, though this is because of service restructuring and a lot of staff being redeployed.

Tobuyornot99 Mon 17-Apr-17 09:28:09

I think it totally depends on your circumstances, do you need to earn a set amount each and every week, or are you mortgage free for I stance and have lower outgoings?
Agency work is a risk, but I've also heard of nurses doing 3 month lines of work on a fantastic rate at the same wards etc.
Depends what your view if risk is, why not join up, do a few shifts, and see how you feel before resigning your NHS role?

blueRinser2002 Mon 17-Apr-17 10:25:47

Thanks for your replies . I work in the Manchester area . At our hospital we use agency some weeks then nothing so I realise there is a risk. However there are many hospitals in the area including private hospitals . I am a single mum so need to bring in a set amount but desperately want to be at home when the children are off , sick of working xmas , Easter etc and missi g out Their dad is flexible and works round me . I do 3 nights a week so the money is good but I'm tied to what shifts I do . I am going to get on an agency and maybe do a couple shifts see how I feel . ..

GaladrielsRing Mon 17-Apr-17 11:20:57

When I worked agency (ODP) my busiest times were holidays!

Lots of trusts have stopped using agency workers at the moment - I have friends that haven't had work for months. Maybe join the bank full time.

blueRinser2002 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:26:44

I can always do bank where I am . I will do both and see how I get on then decide . smile

FormerlyFrikadela01 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:33:08

I've dabbled in agency work and didn't find it as flexible as you might think. The agencies i was with (sugarmann and Grey's) wanted you to do a set number of hours a week and the main shifts that were offered were the ones regular staff didn't want to pick up so were pretty shit really. I stopped getting offers for shifts after a while because i often turned rubbish shifts down. Obviously can't speak for everywhere but that was my experience.

It was also largely in nursing homes where i was the only nurse on shift with no other support besides the hcas. My current trust has a blanket ban on outside agencies so NHS shifts were a no go.

blueRinser2002 Mon 17-Apr-17 13:10:46

That's interesting ...thanks very much

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