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Career change to HR. Is this enough to get foot in door?

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Crumbleface Sat 15-Apr-17 11:26:28

Hi Everyone,

I just typed a lengthy post explaining my situation, but as usual, once I've tried to post it, Mumsnet has timed out and the message is lost! So I'll just keep it brief now.

I have worked in a unskilled role in health and social care. This was to fund me through my degree in Psychology, which I did really well in, but couldn't afford to do a masters. Prior to that I had a an analytical clerical role in banking. After leaving Uni I took another role in the NHS to get some clinical experience. Like most Psychology graduates, I wanted to go in to Clinical Psychology, but I got pregnant and had DC soon after. I have stayed in role as it fits around OH's hours and is flexible. Once I Get free EY funding next year I can move on, which I am desperate to do as I can't progress any further where I am, and am incredibly bored!

I have heard HR is a great role for Psychology graduates. Occupational Psychology was my best subject. I have looked at getting a CIPD qualification, but I heard you need to have a job in HR to do this.

My question is, how do I get my foot in the door? Is a good degree in Psychology enough, or is it just going to be that catch 22 situation where I need experience to get my foot in the door, but need to get my foot in the door to get it?

Thanks for reading smile

lovecreameggs Wed 26-Apr-17 22:48:45

I would pursue occupational psychology if you have a degree that gives you the graduate basis for registration so you can become chartered. So you'd need to do a masters. Birkbeck offer a fab one which is part time and I think they teach a lot in the evenings. OP is essentially a specialism in hr and therefore is (IMO) more interesting!

But I'd also look at hr analytics with your background

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